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  • The 2017 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Hernando de Soto

    The 2017 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Hernando de Soto

    The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the most prominent international award in entrepreneurship research with a price sum of EUR 100,000. De Soto’s analyses have had tremendous influence on policy throughout the world and were a main source of inspiration for the World Bank’s Doing Business program. Read More
  • 2017 Award Winner

    2017 Award Winner

    Hernando de Soto Peru  Institute for Liberty and Democracy For developing a new understanding of the institutions that underpin the informal economy as well as the role of property rights and entrepreneurship in converting the informal economy into the formal sector.   Read More
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The ILD and Former Terrorists agree that Property Rights are Fundamental for a solution to the Mining Conflict

The ILD and former members of the Shining Path continue to make headlines with recent meetings, 25 years after the height of the former radical communist movement that led to all out warfare in Peru. In a symbolic event held on July 17th, 2015 the ILD, led by ILD's Hernando de Soto became the first group of outsiders in the last 40 years to debate members of the former Shining Path at the birthplace of the communist movement, San Cristóbal of Huamanga University.

De Soto along with various grassroots leaders behind the paralyzation of Peruvian mining projects including: Conga, Tia Maria, Pichanaqui Majaz, Taca, Ccarhuarazo, Las Bambas, Tambogrande, amon met to discuss how they can find common ground to build bridges and formulate a proposal that could harmonize agriculture, artisanal and large mining investments in Peru.

The grassroots leaders have seen ILD’s work on property rights and acknowledge its benefits for the organizations that represent millions of Peruvians in the informal sector: artisanal miners (includes mineral processors, contractors, traders, etc), farmers in neighboring areas to large mining investments, communal farmers, indigenous Amazonian people and popular entrepreneurs throughout Peru.

Despite the recent meetings there is still a significant gap between the two sides that needs to be strengthened. However the good news is that despite the history between the two sides, -which includes several violent attacks against the ILD- they both agree that the fundamental issue to solving the Peruvian mining conflicts is property rights

Moving forward, the ILD intends on keeping the debate alive and finding a way to work with these former terrorists by showing them undeniable evidence that by granting the poor and legally excluded widespread property rights it can give them the tools to advance their lives and give them peace. Stay tuned as the ILD and the Shining Path continue to steal the headlines in Peru 25 years later.

ILD President arriving in the main square and being greeted by former Shining Path member Jorge Durand.


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